Welcome to my Blog!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog, that is all about Stardoll!! Read my first post to find out more about it!!
Questions?? Feel free to ask me by e-mail, or post!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to my Stardoll blog!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog, made for everyone who LOVES stardoll.com!!


Q: So, what can we do at this blog??
A: This blog is for everyone who wants to talk about Stardoll, share their ideas about stardoll, ask questions about stardoll, this is for everything stardoll!!

Q: What kind of things happen on this blog?
A: Well, there are daily updates on glitches/free items, updates on new stores, brands, etc., and updates on Stardoll milestones, sales, things like that!

Q: What is Stardoll.com?
A: Stardoll.com is an online paper-doll website. Now I know it sounds boring, but it gets better!! On stardoll, you can create/join clubs, meet friends and chat with them, go shopping for the latest clothes, customize your very own MeDoll and suite, and SO MUCH MORE!!

Now, if this sounds like the blog for you, join!!!!!

*If you have any questions about stardoll, mail me on stardoll at 96chickennugget (my account) OR post here!!*

ALSO: If you have any QUESTIONS about HOW to use blogger (How to post, etc.) feel free to email me at kart96@charter.net OR send me a message here on blogger!!

Thank you for choosing stardoll.com...the blog!!

96chickennugget [AKA Emily]

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